Internationale bekendheid

Via internet en Flickr begin ik ook internationaal bekendheid te krijgen. Onlangs, in september dit jaar, besteedde de website Classic Castle dot Com aandacht aan één van mijn nieuwste creaties; een grote rode beuk. Lees hieronder het bericht (in het Engels):

Red Beech

Bruce 20 IX 11

Our Dutch forum members may remember the medieval theme park Het Land van Ooit. The park shut down due to financial difficulties a few years ago, but the memory lives on with Paul Toxopeus. He’s built LEGO renditions of many of the park’s offerings, including this sign, some giants, the Manege Theater, and the iconic Pink Castle. All of these creations can be found on Flickr and on Paul’s blog (currently offline) Het Land van Ooit van LEGO. The area around the park is also known for beautiful red beech trees. By the way, this is just one of Paul’s great realistic trees, and in looking at his work I happened upon the Flickr group LEGO Arboretum, which is full of trees, plants and other MOCs that would spruce up any castle landscape.

To make the red beech, Paul had to paint the leaf elements with an aerosol spray paint. He washed the leaves, then added a layer of primer spray, then added two layers of dark red to each side. Since the leaves are flexible, the paint tends to crack if handled too much. So this is a perfect time to renew the call for LEGO to make leafe elements in a variety of colors. C’mon, LEGO, is that asking too much? Maybe a variety pack with dark red, orange, and yellow.

Paul lives in Wageningen, the Netherlands, and is a member of the Dutch groups Lowlug and De Bouwsteen. His MOCs can be found in his Flickr stream.

via The Classic Castle dot Com Featured MOC Archive.

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  1. Leuk geschreven! Had het zelf niet beter kunnen verwoorden.

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